The Perfit Daily Exercise App for Complete Fitness

The Best Home Workout App for Beginners. Powered by AI to Get You In Shape


Why Perfit™ ? Because We Offer More than a Personal Fitness Trainer or Any Other Home Workout App

Best Workout Tracker

Patent-pending Computer Vision uses your smartphone camera to detect movements in up to 17 joints, It’s hands down the best home workout tracker

Personal Fitness Trainer

The app does everything that other fitness apps can't. Like a personal fitness trainer, it detects your current fitness level and recommends personalised fitness videos that require no additional equipment

Voice & Gesture control

The Perfit app does not require you to stop your home workout to move to the next video. Voice and gesture-control makes it so easy to use for beginners as a daily home workout app.


How Perfit Works ? Test Your Fitness. Find Your Workout. Be Your Best Self.

Test Your Fitness

Perfit Uses Your mobile camera to conduct standard fitness tests like the plank test, push-up test, balance fitness test & more to generate your personal fitness score.

Personalised Home Workout

Like the best personal trainer, the app uses your fitness score to recommend appropriate fitness videos workouts. It's the best workout app to help you achieve your strength & weight loss goals

Track Every Workout

Computer Vision monitors posture correctness and reps, while AI learns more with every workout. The more you use this home exercise app, to track your home workouts, the better it gets at what it does.

We help track every workout to ensure your fitness goal is our priority. Keep taking our fitness tests, that factor in age, weight and other factors to show you the best no equipment workout video achieve your goal.

Weight Loss

Lose weight with our 30 days weight loss plan. Log your weight every day on our otherwise automated and best workout log app.

Lose Inches Fast.

Tone your body shape and lose inches around your waist in just 30 days by following our personalised Inch Loss Video routines.

Build Muscle

Build muscle, 6-pack abs, and more with our at home no equipment workouts. Look the best version of yourself with our 30 day abs challenge.

Increase Strength.

Our fitness testing exercises will determine how strong you are & recommend strength enhancing workouts that build core strength, upper body strength and lower body strength.

Improve Flexibility.

We perform flexibility fitness test and agility fitness test to help transform your body with flexibility routines, yoga, pilates and other workouts.

Better Stamina

Our app counts number of repetitions required for muscle gain automatically using the mobile camera. Get ready for some intensive training to help you build better endurance.

Latest Workout VideosFall in love with Fitness

Workout Anywhere

Perfit platform is build around you, to enable you to workout anywhere, be it the Gym or you bedroom..

Perfit offers a unique combination of curated workout programs to help you start exercising and to keep you motivated with the Perfit™ Tracking and Perfit™ Trainer interaction.

Compatible with Android/IOS

What Clients sayWe are not perfect, that is why we keep our ear open

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