Perfit™ 3D Tracking System

"The Perfit™ 3D tracking system allows you to track your body metrics through 3D body scans periodically."

Body Profile and Metrics

The Perfit fitness system is a 3D scanner solution for monitoring the body metric of users as well as to track the improvement. Perfit uses state-of-the-art measurement system which uses non-harmful IR to scan your body in real time and provide complete body metrics. Our system is super fast 3D human body and generating precise performance measurements. The system has an AI driver assistant to track user motion and helps to monitor user’s freestyle Exercise pattern to provide essential corrections for the user and measuring the count of exercise along with deriving the calorie burn.

Our team of certified trainers helps you get fit and stay fit. Perfit offers a unique combination of curated workout programs to help you start exercising and to keep you motivated with the Perfit™ Tracking and Perfit™ Trainer interaction. Perfit platform is build around you, to enable you to workout anywhere, You can either workout at our using our Perfit™ partner centers or your bed room through the mobile app. Perfit™ offers a faster fitness transformation with a holistic and safe approach including diet, exercise and constant monitoring.

My courses

Category Course name Lessons Rate
Yoga Yoga Fundamentals 12
Yoga Total Body Stretching 12
Strength Strength Upper Body 04
Strength Fat Burning Butt and Thigh 10
Cardio 1000 Calorie Workout Video 20
Cardio Fat Burning Cardio 12
Pilates Lower Body Pilates 04
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