Marlee D'Angelo

"Everytime I dance, I turn into a better version of ME"


Marlee graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2016 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She first discovered her passion for fitness when she started weightlifting in college. She rapidly gained muscle, lost fat, and transformed into a healthier, happier, and stronger version of herself. Her friends noticed her transformation and began asking for training sessions and workout tips. Through helping her friends, Marlee realized that she wanted to share her passion for fitness with others by becoming a fitness instructor. Her goal is to help individuals effectively and efficiently get fit in a more sustainable method, opposed to the common mistake of deprived eating and strict cardio.

Marlee is one of our BODYCOMBAT® instructors and loves teaching it because it is a fun and intense workout that combines cardio with muscle building and MMA skills. Marlee's classes motivate people to push themselves harder than they would working out alone all while having fun and having the support of others in the class.

My courses

Category Course name Lessons Rate
Yoga Yoga Fundamentals 12
Yoga Total Body Stretching 12
Strength Strength Upper Body 04
Strength Fat Burning Butt and Thigh 10
Cardio 1000 Calorie Workout Video 20
Cardio Fat Burning Cardio 12
Pilates Lower Body Pilates 04
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